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Club Kingsnake - Music Press Releases

These Press Releases are submitted by bands, publicists and the staff of Club Kingsnake. PLEASE NOTE - All Press Releases are reviewed before listing and releases that are not on topic will not be listed. Submitting a release does not guarantee listing. To add a music press release click here.

Worldwide Metal Box Set to be released by Earache Records

In recognition of a music genre that has spawned some of the most original and talented bands hailing from every corner of the globe, Earache Records is proud to announce the release of WORLDWIDE METAL.

Celebrating the diversity of metal in all of its forms, WORLDWIDE METAL is the ultimate collection of the fastest, heaviest and most brutal metal tracks to rock this planet. Offering 5 CDs of pure metal mayhem plus a fully playable PC game - all for the price of one CD - this collection consists of over 80 tracks from some of the most legendary and inspirational bands of all time.

WORLDWIDE METAL includes both old school favourites and some of the best new talents to hit the scene. The 5 CDs are split into territories according to artists and include USA (2 discs, featuring DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL, MUNICIPAL WASTE, BONDED BY BLOOD and more), UK (featuring CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, CATHEDRAL, IRON MONKEY, AKERCOCKE, EVILE, GAMA BOMB and more), Europe (featuring VADER, DECAPITATED, LINEA 77, EPHEL DUATH and more) and Scandinavia (featuring AT THE GATES, ENTOMBED, THE HAUNTED, MORTIIS, CULT OF LUNA and more). WORLDWIDE METAL also marks the Earache debuts of IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION, THE BOY WILL DROWN and OCEANO.

On top of having over 5 hours of extreme metal on 5 CDs, WORLDWIDE METAL also includes a fully playable PC version of "Earache Extreme Metal Racing"! Originally released on the PlayStation 2 games console, "Earache Extreme Metal Racing" blasts its way onto PC for the first time and remains the first and only death metal-themed computer game. In this full game, ten Earache bands race their vehicles in a gruesome fight for supremacy. One or two players crush and kill their way through totally twisted racetracks to the soundtrack of 3 hours of ear-splitting death metal and grindcore, with rare video clips included as unlockable bonus content.

Perhaps one of the best things about this killer collection is the price - this box set of 5 CDs plus a PC game will be sold for the price of just one CD! Due to be released on 24th November, WORLDWIDE METAL is the perfect purchase for any collector and an ideal Christmas present for any self-respecting metalhead. Pre-order your copy now at

Check out a picture of this great value box set at

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