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Club Kingsnake - Music Press Releases

These Press Releases are submitted by bands, publicists and the staff of Club Kingsnake. PLEASE NOTE - All Press Releases are reviewed before listing and releases that are not on topic will not be listed. Submitting a release does not guarantee listing. To add a music press release click here.

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Faux Hoax (feat Members of Menomena & Gang of Four) To Release Debut EP

Not much is known about Faux Hoax. Are they a band? Is it a studio project? And adding to the mystery, will these be the only songs the group ever records?

Faux Hoax (pronounced "Folks") consists of Danny Seim (Menomena), Dave Allen (Gang of Four), John Askew (Tracker), and features Joe Haege of 31Knots and Adam Gnade of Asthmatic Kitty. The debut 7" titled Your Friends Will Carry You Home relies heavily on exactly that - friends. The goal, according to Seim, is to focus on a new project that involves all sorts of collaborators contributing to songs written by core Faux Hoax members. Intended to be experimental and unique, Faux Hoax will surely leave listeners surprised.

The Portland based trio will release Your Friends Will Carry You Home May 19, 2009 on Polyvinyl Record Co..

Your Friends Will Carry You Home Tracklist
1. Your Friends Will Carry You Home
2. Hippies Will Rule
3. Foxworthy*
4. Underwood*

*Digital Bonus Tracks

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