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Monday, April 27, 2009


Burbank, CA- Attempts to overturn THE FLAMING LIPS landslide victory of winning The Official State Rock Song of Oklahoma by the Oklahoma State House for trivial rationale has been resolved by the Governor of Oklahoma, Brad Henry, who will sign an executive order tomorrow reaffirming his declaration of “DO YOU REALIZE??” by THE FLAMING LIPS as “THE OFFICIAL STATE ROCK SONG.”

The official announcement from The State of Oklahoma and Governor Brad Henry released last week is as follows:

Office of Governor Brad Henry
State of Oklahoma
State Capitol – Oklahoma City OK 73105

For Immediate Release:

Gov Henry Overrides House, Honors People's Choice of Lips
Oklahoma City -- Gov. Brad Henry will sign an executive order Tuesday, April 28th, naming the Flaming Lips song, “Do You Realize??,” as the official rock song of Oklahoma.

In a statewide Internet vote held late last year, that song was the choice of 51 percent of more than 21,000 votes cast. Senate Joint Resolution 24 sought to codify that vote, but was narrowly defeated.

"For more than 20 years, Oklahoma’s own Flaming Lips have produced creative, fun and provocative rock music,” Gov. Henry said. “The music of the Flaming Lips has earned Grammys, glowing critical acclaim and fans all over the world. A truly iconic rock ‘n’ roll band, they are proud ambassadors of their home state. They were clearly the people’s choice, and I intend to honor that vote.”

The signing of the executive order will be held at 2 p.m. April 28th at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City.

Contact: Phil Bacharach, Governor’s Office (405) 522-8878.

In response, THE FLAMING LIPS have offered a statement of their own:

"As many people around the world know, The Flaming Lips are proud to be from Oklahoma. We want everyone to understand that only a minority of the representatives voted against this law. The facts are that “Do You Realize??”, won over 50% of the popular vote in the original poll, passed unanimously in the Senate, and won over a majority of the Representatives in the House (48 were for the law passing, 39 against ­ 14 were absent from the vote ­ you need 51 to pass the law). Regardless of what the minority in the House of Representatives wish, the Flaming Lips remain proud ambassadors of the state. We are honored that the majority of the people who voted, hoped to have “Do You Realize??” be The Oklahoma State Rock Song. Perhaps there is still a way it can be.”
- The Flaming Lips

On Tuesday, April 28, at 2:00pm, the Oklahoma History Center will host a Gala event celebrating the signing of the executive order proclamation by Governor Brad Henry declaring “Do You Realize??” the OFFICIAL OKLAHOMA STATE ROCK SONG as well as FLAMING LIPS DAY in the great state of Oklahoma.

Statements will be made by Governor Brad Henry; Dr. Bob Blackburn, Executive Director of the Oklahoma History Center; Jill Simpson, Director of the Oklahoma Film and Music Commission; State Representative Joe Dorman; Senator Mike Schultz and of course, Wayne Coyne of THE FLAMING LIPS. The event will be widely covered by all levels of the media statewide.

As previously reported, voters submitted many reasons for their selection of THE FLAMING LIPS’ “Do You Realize??” for the Official Oklahoma Rock Song. With visible pride in their Oklahoma roots, innovative and modern artistry, and a long-standing commitment to rock and roll, THE FLAMING LIPS enjoy a deep connection with the citizens of their native state. “Not only are THE FLAMING LIPS from Oklahoma, but the song ‘Do You Realize??’ also makes for an excellent state song. The song is universal and very unifying, with a great message," remarked one fan. Another stated that "the beauty in the message of ‘Do You Realize??’ perfectly suits the beautiful state of Oklahoma." Yet another wrote that “‘Do You Realize??’ is one of the greatest songs ever written and THE FLAMING LIPS are a fine example of the brilliance that the state of Oklahoma has produced. The song and the band are timeless. The sentiments expressed in ‘Do You Realize??’ are universal and would project Oklahoma in a positive and endearing light.”

The selection of the Official Oklahoma State Rock Song is part of a greater effort of the Oklahoma Historical Society to celebrate the state’s rock and roll heritage with an exhibit entitled “Another Hot Oklahoma Night,” slated to open May 2, 2009 at the Oklahoma History Center. The exhibit will explore the rock and roll artists, radio stations, personalities, venues, and fans that have called Oklahoma home. Beyond the facts of each story, the exhibit will show how growing up in Oklahoma affected the music. These stories will be displayed in an innovative style to encourage visitor participation and ensure visitors will take away a new perspective on the history of rock and roll in Oklahoma. The History Center is actively collecting stories and artifacts related to rock and roll in Oklahoma. For more information, please contact the museum staff at (405) 522-0798 or visit the exhibit website at

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