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Club Kingsnake - Music Press Releases

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Phil and the Osophers! announce 7 SXSW shows!

Phil and the Osophers grab it by the tail - shows, lots of albums, books, art! SXSWEET!

No ones goin' to bring it to SXSW harder than Phil and the Osophers. Get yourselves there!

The band has put out FIVE albums via their own sustainable label, Factual Fabrications ( ). Their latest "Toward Conquering The Invisible North" recieved rave reviews and garnered a delightful video for High Art (
), in which the band perform laser eye surgery on a friend. While digital is the most sustainable resource, Osophers fans can still buy their physical albums from Factual Fabrications. All album art are printed on recycled paper and they use only recycled jewel cases. That keeps the cost and price down. Ingenius!

In other news, all 3 members have written and published books of poetry and non-fiction through their own publishing house called ILOANBooks ( ). Bass player Gus has published NINE books, Drummer Kevin has published two, and Phil has just written his first book of poetry entitled "SHAKE! and other rattlers" They will have these for "sale" at SXSW, along with all 5 albums.

The band has also created a sampler CD made using recycled 5 1/4" floppy discs as jewel cases. Says the band "Why buy some other band's 7" when you can get our floppy 5 1/4" for free? If it's floppy at 5 1/4" you'll be delighted with what happens when you pop it in!" lol

Here's some free tunes to listen to and share:
Third World American ( )

High Art ( )
International Introvert ( )

New ones coming very soon- these guys are super productive!

All upcoming shows below:

1am - WAVE (rooftop) -Factual Fabrications (official Sxsw) showcase - 408 E 6th St.
1:00P GIGANTIC MUSIC day party w/ asobi seksu and more at Scoot Inn - 1308 E 4th St
12PM - CUE HOUSE PARTY - Human Party Virus, 1106 E. 30th
5PM - BALLISTIC MISSILE day party with aids wolf, clipd beaks and more - 2706 South 4th St.
9pm - NATRIX NATRIX HOUSE 3222 John Campbell's Tr. SATURDAY Mar 21
5pm - ILOAN Books Dayparty - Sonny's Vintage 2928 Guadalupe SUNDAY Mar 29
8pm - Mercury Lounge w/ Say Hi! and Telekinesis NYC THURSDAY April 2
8pm - Death By Audio w/ Real Estate Brooklyn NY

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