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With its debut selling over 68,000 units, LAMB OF GOD’s explosive new album, Wrath, rocketed to #2 on the Billboard Top 200, their highest chart position ever (February 24 release / Epic Records). The remarkable achievement is not only a huge step for the band, but for the heavy metal genre as a whole. While poppy trends and fads have come and gone, heavy metal music has only continued to gain in strength. With their #2 debut (between Taylor Swift and The Jonas Brothers), LAMB OF GOD has made a statement – the music industry is heading in a new direction and they are leading the charge.

Drummer Chris Adler commented on the success of Wrath from a tour stop in Indonesia: “Tonight we are in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tomorrow is the last show of the first leg of the 'Wrath' tour. I can't express in words how things have changed for us in the past 6 weeks. Wrath has debuted at #2. We are literally astonished. With the economy brittle and an abundance of copycat artists, we were able to shock the music world and pull off what no one else has done. To get a better understanding, the record industry has declined 30% since our last album, Sacrament, debuted in August 2006, yet we prevailed and outsold that record....with a new record that is brutal slap to the face of all popular music. I could not be more proud of the band for making the record we wanted, but more importantly you, the friends and family of this band, are the ones that made it a reality. The credit is yours. The revolution is ours.

“This is a triumph not only for us, but for metal. I look at it as objectively as possible - this is not about us in Lamb of God, this is the tide turning against the sing-song, look-alike pretty-boy industry. It's unreal to be a part of, and at the moment leading, the charge in this important direction. I rejoice in the dent we have created in the establishment, but it never could have happened without you. I mean that. This is the time for us all to raise a glass to each other and understand that together we are dictating the future of real music. I can't tell you how amazing that is to me. I now look forward to the future of music and the evolution of metal. Nu Metal is officially dead, and we can all hopefully begin look forward to cute teenage girls no longer being exploited with jingles written in back rooms by old men with music formulas. Together we've shocked the world, and we are proud and honored to have your support. This is your victory as much as it is ours. We are lucky you have our back!

“We did not do this in a void. Many bands before us, that came before their time, have influenced us and helped us create who we are. There are too many to list, but I can tell you that we are children of the '80s metal/punk scene. We are the kids that skipped first period to smoke cigarettes and listen to our cassette Walkmans, just like you. We are the outcasts, the ones with "limited potential" and "no future." Follow your dreams and do what is in your heart. There is no better advice I can give. To all that tried to stop us as individuals and as a band, I say unto thee, thank you. You have made it all so much sweeter.

“If you are reading this, you get it. We've never schemed to do anything other than have fun and be the best we can be. Love us or hate us, you have to admit that we are shattering doors that should have been opened long ago. All hail metal.”

The Lamb of God North American WRATH TOUR kicks off April 2nd in Phoenix, AZ with As I Lay Dying, Children of Bodom, God Forbid, and Municipal Waste supporting.

The following dates are confirmed:

With As I Lay Dying, Children Of Bodom, God Forbid, Municipal Waste

April 2 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theatre
April 3 Los Angeles, CA Palladium
April 4 San Jose, CA Events Center
April 5 Fresno, CA Crest Theatre
April 7 Seattle, WA Paramount
April 8 Vancouver, BC UBC Thunderbird Arena
April 10 Edmonton, AB Shaw Conference Center
April 11 Calgary, AB The Coral
April 12 Saskatoon, SK Prairieland
April 13 Winnipeg, MB Convention Center
April 14 Thunder Bay, ON City Auditorium
April 16 Toronto, ON Ricoh Coliseum
April 17 Montreal, QC Cepsum
April 18 Worcester, MA Palladium
April 19 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory
April 21 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion
April 22 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
April 23 Lafayette, LA Blackham Coliseum
April 24 Houston, TX Verizon Theatre
April 25 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete St. Amphitheatre
April 26 Dallas, TX Palladium Ballroom
April 28 Denver, CO Fillmore
April 29 Kansas City, KS Uptown Theatre
Aprl 30 St. Paul, MN Myth
May 1 Chicago, Il Congress Theatre
May 2 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
May 3 Indianapolis, IN Egyptian
May 5 Louisville, KY Expo Five
May 6 Detroit, MI Fillmore Theatre
May 8 New York, NY Roseland Ballroom
May 9 Asbury Park, NJ Convention Center
May 11 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live
May 12 Boston, MD House Of Blues
May 13 Albany, NY Washington St. Armory
May 15 Myrtle Beach, SC House Of Blues

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